Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car Smashed

So, sometime after Jane and I returned home Sunday night (around 10:30 pm) after seeing Portlandia onstage at the Trocodero and before I left for work Monday morning (around 6:45 am), some citizens of the world decided that our car (named Easter Egg) housed something they just couldn't live without. I actually don't know if it was one person or dozen; I just know they broke out the passenger window and left the car an absolute mess.
Here's basically what I found:

In the top left of the photo, I wrote the the following:

Things they took:
1. Altoids tin with backup headphones in it
2. Bluetooth headset
3. USB car adapter
4. Small bottle of lotion
5. Probably some change (less than a dollar)

Things they didn't take:
1. Water bottle (Christmas present)
2. My turtle talisman that sits on the dash
3. My heart and paper crane amulets that
    hang from the rearview mirror
2. Coffee mug
3. Garden/Knife tool
4. Two blankets
5. Umbrella
6. Spare computer mouse
7. Two pairs of gloves
8. Audio cable for plugging in mp3 player
9. A bunch of CDs (they missed the third
    glove compartment)

Things they left behind:
1. The rock they used to break the window.
    (I still have the rock. I don’t know why.)
2. Broken glass everywhere. They broke the
    passenger window, but I found glass in
    driver’s side cupholder where the water
    bottle had been left the night before..
3. An absolute mess of google maps, insurance
    cards, registration information, various car
    manuals and maintenance receipts.
    (Who knew a couple of glove compartments
    held so much.)

I still have the rock. Like I said, I don't know why. I certainly didn't want to toss it back into the park, probably from whence it came (just so it could be used again to bash something). I also couldn't bring myself to throw it in the garbage can when I was at the car wash vacuuming out all the glass. I feel a weird urge to reclaim the rock. From or for what, I don't know. I think I'll put it in our garden this summer.

The Rock

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