Tuesday, January 4, 2011

52 Projects in 52 Weeks

Hello Hello Hello,

Welcome to the new home of my latest and just-off-center idea to date: 52 Projects in 52 Weeks. A new creative project each week for all of 2011. It can take any form: designing a new logo, creating a collage, writing a poem, taking some photographs, designing a chapbook, or one of a million other possibilities. All I must do is at the beginning of each week, set out the goal/project of the week, then get to it. Along the way, I might comment about the project's progress or lack thereof, a sudden and drastic alteration, dilemmas and/or triumphs.

By the way, welcome to the Elevens. 

Now, some of you are saying, "One project a week, only one? Just one? Geez, I do at least 52 projects per week without even breaking a sweat or a swear." Point taken. But, if you haven't noticed, it is now Tuesday as I write this. We're well into the week, approaching the hump and soon to be dashing for the weekend. Thus, 52 Projects for my undisciplined self? About right, I say.

So, welcome to my little endeavor. Should any of you have suggestions, feel free to offer them. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay.



  1. What a good idea. I might do it too. Secretly.


  2. Good luck ms. That is quite a challenge. I'll be asking, watching and wishing well :)