Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 1

(Perhaps a little meta, perhaps only needing to get this whole carousel in motion.)

1. Set up the blog for the project. Thus, before you appears More Pens Please. (Point in fact, we do not need any more pens currently. But, I do so love a good pen.) The background is a 3-D rendering of a photo I took at our poetry venue. I was super excited to find an article that showed me how to accomplish that feat.

2. Design the icon, symbol or emblem, perhaps the avatar of this endeavor. Not sure yet what this thing might be, resemble or smell like. Quite uncertain about its super powers. Will it be a force for good or evil. Will it wear corrective shoes. Will it even have free will and, if so, what does that mean. So many up-in-the-airs at this particular moment.

3. Post the results. Could be a half-finished avatar, could be a half-eaten sandwich. Point is, I must put up what I have at the deadline, then move on with the story. I'm going to do 52, Fifty-Two, LII, Ciquenta y Dos of these projects. Getting stuck, therefore, will not be tolerated.

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